Why Invisalign?

Can Invisalign® help you Smile more too?

Here are my top 10 reasons for choosing Invisalign to help me smile with more confidence…

1. A lifestyle choice.

I was not keen to endure metal braces if Invisalign was possible.

2. A trusted brand.

Over 20 years of clinical research based on over 8 million cases.

3. Nearly Invisible.            

Makes me feel less self-conscious when wearing them.

4. Removable.

I can still eat all my favourite foods and brush & floss normally.

5. SmartTrack®

Made of proprietary & innovative material clinically proven to gently move teeth 50% faster and with 75 % more predictability*  (*as claimed by Align Technology)

6. The Minimalistic Option.

I could have opted for veneers and crowns instead of orthodontics with clear aligners. But I was not too keen on removing any tooth enamel if aligners could help solve my smile and bite issues.

7. SmartForce®

Small tooth-colored shapes placed on my teeth makes the complex tooth movements required for my particular case possible without braces.

8. User Experience.

Recommendation from Experience. It was important to experience Invisalign on myself in order for me to recommend it to my patients.

9. User Support.

Wearing Invisalign myself enables me to provide authentic support for my patients through out their smile journey.

10. More Comfort.

The staged movements in Invisalign means only certain teeth are being actively moved in each aligner leading to much more comfort.

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