INVISALIGN - The clear choice

Always dreamt of straightening your teeth but felt too shy or too old to wear metal braces?

With Invisalign® clear aligner therapy, age is no longer a barrier. Being removable and virtually invisible, it discreetly fits into your lifestyle.

Watch your new smile grow with each passing day using Invisalign® clear aligner therapy. It is the holistic way to get that smile you have always wanted.

Get started today by booking your whole mouth exam.


These branded clear aligners are the most advanced orthodontic technology for cosmetic tooth alignment and can also be helpful for bite corrections.

How It Works

Tooth movements are staged to be active at different times with varying amounts of forces to allow for optimal treatment, comfort and results.

Invisalign® is the clear choice for SmartDentist® it works by using SmartTrack® and SmartForce® technology. This flexible material hugs the barely noticeable bonded attachments on your teeth to slowly but more effectively straighten your teeth.

Click here to see how Invisalign® works

At the end of your treatment we will use our Zeiss dental microscope to very carefully and precisely remove any bonded attachments to assure your precious enamel remains untouched!

Retainers are advisable post treatment to help prevent relapse and to keep your smile shining.

Is Invisalign for me?

Every mouth has its own bespoke requirements. Find out here if Invisalign® is the right choice for your smile needs.

You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that a significant number of smile and bite problems can be helped with Invisalign® when treatment is planned effectively. Click here to find out more. However, if your case is complex and requires jaw surgery or metal braces we will let you know and refer you to a specialist orthodontist.

SmartDentist® recommends a ‘whole mouth exam’ appointment to begin your smile journey. At the same time we can carry out a complimentary digital smile simulation upon request.

Smile Simulation

See your new smile in your full face photo with our digital simulation software exclusively made for smile-makeovers in dentistry.

As a certified Invisalign® Provider and Digital Smile Designer we are able to use precise digital scans of your mouth to calibrate and digitally simulate a smile of your choice for you to visualise in your full face photo.

During your ‘whole mouth exam’ we will gift you a complimentary ‘digital smile simulation’ upon request:

  • screening your smile for ideal tooth proportions, positions and shapes.
  • showing you what an ‘ideal smile’ that suits your face could look like using specialised dental software.

*Please note sometimes additional treatment besides Invisalign® may be required to achieve ideal results.

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