Whole Mouth Hygiene

Whole Mouth Hygiene Albany

Your oral health is connected to your entire wellbeing. Book a regular whole mouth exam appointment to let SmartDentist® prevent small problems from becoming big ones.

We can help you fight gingivitis and feel more confident about the future of your breath. We offer both the ‘standard’ and ‘premium’ whole mouth hygiene experience. Click here to see the difference.

Stubborn tea or coffee stains and sensitive teeth will thank you for the ‘premium’ spa experience using warm water at 40°C and gentle powder blowing technology.

This revolutionary Swiss Airflow® technology uses Guided Biofilm Therapy® to help transform your hygiene experience so you can look forward to your next visit.

Better Brushing

Disclosing agents will show where your toothbrush has missed. Better access tips to these areas will give you a fresher breath.

Plaque Removal

SmartDentist® has the technology to gently blow away plaque and stains to ensure healthier teeth and gums for the long term.

Oral Care Advice

Get recommendations and information about which products to use on your teeth based on current scientific literature.

Hygiene Treatment

SmartDentist® offers Perioflow and warm water Piezon® hygiene treatments to minimise discomfort on removing tartar.

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