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10 Winter Dental Tips for a Healthier Smile

If you’re taking the opportunity this winter to improve your health and to keep the viruses at bay, please don’t forget about your teeth! Don’t let your COVID protection masks…

The Fractured Tooth

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The Fractured Tooth Top 7 reasons why teeth chip and break: Tooth Decay- slowly eats away and softens the remaining tooth structure making it more liable to break. Filling too…

Why Invisalign?

Can Invisalign® help you Smile more too? Here are my top 10 reasons for choosing Invisalign to help me smile with more confidence… 1. A lifestyle choice. I was not…

Blue walls

Reception Planks is down and Reception TV site ? is set to be mounted ! White doors and Blue walls?? Scanners and Powerpoints??⚖️ #dentalstartups

Vinyl @ Surgery

Surgery cabinetry…. Lot of storage for all things dental! You can see the wire hanging from ceiling. It is for ceiling TV ? to come on bottom image for Netflix…

Vinyl @ Steri

Sterilisation room is taking shape! We have the dirty side on the left and the clean side to the right. Overhead cabinets and toe kicks are yet to go up.…

Soundproofing Box

Another gorgeous day in Albany today. ..the painting has begun inside. Meanwhile outside, tradies Dave and Clay started and finished the sound proof box for the compressor and suction unit.…
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