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Welcome To SmartDentist®

A Dental Clinic
with a Difference

SmartDentist® was born out of our passion to help people who value their smile as part of their overall health and well-being.

Located in the neighbourhood of Schnapper Rock in Albany, our boutique practice is dedicated to taking you on a ‘smile journey’.

We use innovative ‘smart’ dental technology to help restore a beautiful and confident smile customised to your facial features and personality.

Through preventive care and personalised treatments, we take a holistic and minimalistic approach to deliver healthy and functional smiles.

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Patient Experience

Our Treatments

SmartDentist® offers a range of dental care treatments to suit your needs


We provide a holistic alternative for your smile and bite improvements with Invisalign® clear aligner therapy.

Smile Makeovers

Let us tailor an experience using the best of smart digital technology to help give you a smile you love.

Whole Mouth Hygiene

SmartDentist® offers revolutionary Airflow® technology to gently blow away stains and plaque biofilm.

Free Teen Dentistry

Watch your teenage smile grow into a confident and healthy adult smile with expert care and attention from SmartDentist®.

Meet Dr Bilimoria

A Dentist Who Cares

My own smile journey started with a typical front tooth fracture at the primary school playground. As the fractured piece shattered to the ground so did my confidence. During my teens I started clenching my jaw and was unable to bite into apples or enjoy chewy mints. Nightguards provided only slight relief. Most of my early adult life I suffered headaches and later developed ringing in the ears. The root cause in my particular case was not easy to identify until I went to study occlusion in much greater detail at ‘Spear Education’ and the ‘Kois Center’ for advanced dental education. 

I experienced considerable relief while in a diagnostic Kois deprogrammer followed by equilibration. But to prevent further tooth wear in my case, the way my teeth fitted together needed to be altered. My treatment options were either to do nothing and endure more damage OR change to a therapeutic bite with either a full mouth of crowns OR orthodontics. I chose ‘clear aligner therapy’ using Invisalign® for a holistic outcome.

Hindsight can be a gift to learn from our experience to then help others. A thorough risk assessment protocol provides an early diagnosis with minimalistic solutions to help prevent tooth wear and irreversible jaw joint damage later on in life. My own smile journey has led me to this passion and determination to help screen, prevent and treat your underlying smile and bite issues.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you along your smile journey.

Why Choose SmartDentist

Extensive Training

Local Otago Graduate. International Kois Center Graduate. Training in Australia, Arizona, Seattle, San Francisco and Germany. Offering you a global dental perspective.

Passion for Dentistry

SmartDentist® is passionate about patient care and dental education. We empower you to take your oral health care to the next level with innovative digital solutions.

Road-Tested Treatments

Yearly attendance at the Kois Center Symposium in Seattle, ensures that the treatment and advice you receive is aligned with current scientific literature.

Holistic Focus

As your dentist, we look to find the root cause of your problem as well as finding the best preventive solutions to help resolve your symptoms.

State Of Art Disinfection Clinic

SmartDentist® was designed in response to the global pandemic. Going beyond the minimum standards required for disinfection, cross-infection and aerosols management.

Global Award Winning Dentist

Our digital workflows is designed to create ‘facially driven’ smiles. We start with a smile design that suits your face and then we engineer the mechanics into it.

Dr Ginal Bilimoria

A global award-winning dentist

Problems We Help Solve

Crooked Teeth
Broken Teeth
Unloved Smile
Discolored Teeth
Missing Tooth
Bleeding Gums
Tooth Pain
Tooth Wear
Unbalanced Bite
Jaw Joint Symptoms

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